My cat at first serene
became older then
he would stray all the day
would not come home till ten
all his love dissolved
I was so sad it seemed
he had transformed
to a bakeneko fiend
I heard howling in the night
I followed to the trees
writhing around a fire
a sight one wished not to see
a clowder on hind legs
I stumbled on perchance
wearing towels on their heads
the bakenekos danced
eyes burned down to my soul
they attacked in screeching wails
serpentine they stretched
and split their tabby tails
aghast I stumbled back
such a sight and sound is foul
but I dug the courage out
to steal their power giving towels.


I believe it,
due to witnessing it,
through someone else’s eyes.


If one believes in the next place, this place, just a test, and what test is easy? Tests are full of pain, poison and creatures that burrow into the brain. Tests leave us distressed and drained. The next place holds the rewards, the true punishment, in the eyes of the believer. So why judge a religion on a cruel god? Ignorance disguised as some higher thought. I choose to wait, respect the belief, maintain the bridges.


Our brains are far more complex than our action would have us believe.


Marching in a blinkered line
unencumbered by all wisdom
unknown must stay that way
for I do not trust the system
the abuse has set my path
I will not tread another
shackled to my prejudice
to never know my brothers.




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