We bought a small hot spa, a cheap inflatable one, after all, they all hold the same water. As per the instructions I inflate it, attach the pump and fill it with water. I then continue reading the instructions. It says to make sure the pump is tested before every use, to make sure the cable has not been damaged. It then goes into water treatment. To keep the water clean there are chlorine granules, for the eight hundred litres in the tub there are two tea spoons of chlorine. At first they say to boost the dose, a double dose for a new tub. They say to wait a day for the chlorine to reduce, then to test the PH with a test strip, using another two additives to adjust the alkaline levels. There is also a filter, this is to be checked and cleaned every day and to be changed once a week. Oh, additionally, they recommend changing the entire eight hundred litres of water every three days.. The relaxation of a hot tub..


Chippy chop chop in the air again
the military are flexing their muscle
showing off huge green monsters
impressing none but the pheasants.


With my new electronic eyes I can see more colours, more colours than I ever imagined. I can see texture and temperature, I can see flavour. With my new electronic implanted ears, I can hear every tiny nuance of tone vibration, every attack and refrain as crisp as Christmas frost. I can see and hear so clearly, we have not learned a thing.


Distraction till destruction
with our heads in the sand
we will only burn our butts
We could change our ways
we could extend our days
if we only had the guts.


The Shaman settles the water,
so when you sip you enjoy your trip
she subdues the waves and clears the sky,
so you may delight with the twinkling sun in the sea.
Alone you would reside in turgid cruel waves,
plunge into the ink, swallow the foam,
you’ll be lucky not to drown.
Yet the Shaman has humour
so she might splash you
in fun.


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