Hooting and hollering

‘It’s business’. The disclaimer underwriting all misdemeanour and rotten trading. Money is not the be and end all, in fact it is a large perverted part of the road to ruinous acts. Despite how large and bountiful the earth is, greed will be it’s downfall.


On the one hand there’s patriotism
on the other hand there’s sanity
I’m sure we can all discuss
without all the profanity.


Religion was not created to beat you, to tie you to unspeakable rule, not there to take your money and your virginity, religion is supposed to be shelter, comfort and love.


The egotist bellowed something about his wealth, never did get those songs.
I like to hear the warm hearts overcoming fear to share their giving soul.


I feel I may be faking it sometimes, that this might just be a self inflicted malady for attention, perhaps I am the type that need to know someone will care when I leave, perhaps to test a loved ones resolve. But who knows who we really are? not me, at the gates perhaps they will hand me a ticket, tell me who I was, and what I was supposed to be doing.


He sat next to her and hoped she would not run, such bravery deserves a delayed humiliation. In internal search for words, all that came was ‘Do you come here often?’, Awkwardly he waited for better. While he waited, she left.


The woman stepped forward to talk and they all began hooting and jeering, as if a completely different species had entered their enclosure. They bounced on their perches and continued to howl. Any minute now I’m sure, these things are going to start slinging their faeces at her.






3 thoughts on “Hooting and hollering

  1. They say when we pass, we know all. Wisdom of the unknown, or curiosity of what we believe to be true, increased with the permission of leaving this “mortal coil”. You’ll be just fine, my dear, heartful beloved. 💖 …but please stick around for a little while longer with this nutter. Please & thank you. 😁

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  2. Thank you again Stephen … your words are comforting and somehow “relaxing” if that is the right word … after all the noise that reaches me through my tv and internet. Art heals.

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