Seasonal decay

Moon dipped below the willow tree
to light the rippling stream
washing sparkles to the icy sea
sending Poseidon’s dreams.


Only at the bottom of the water
do you find the best music
the slow lilting slumber
of your last lullaby.


Ambassador Stone could not tell a lie
for all that he loved in the fires he’ll fry
no tears will be shed, no soul will cry
no reason for secrets no reason to die


Finally the Great Pumpkin arrived!
though Linus has many regrets
as sincere as the patch he picked
the great one took Linus’s head.


The safest place for a tiger cub
is in her mother’s jaws
though you will find
her’s is not yours


The witches are soaring over the roofs again tonight
Ilicit winds give glimpses of flying thigh
I see no evil up there.




The blue whale:
The largest animal ever to walk the earth. There is much written of this almost mythical animal, yet so much is not shared for fear of stirring people into a wild frenzy, yet I feel the facts must be shared. Millennia ago they returned to the sea, out of boredom, their legs retrograded into feathered water flappers. Although they grow to up to three miles long, due to their colour, they are almost entirely invisible, helpful in stalking their prey, shoals of hammer head sharks and misplaced Mississippi steam boats. In ancient times they would gather in the Pacific Ocean to ritually deposit their waste, these poop fields eventually formed into the islands that we know today as the Hawaiian islands. Here they still perform the giant fish dance in their fin like grass skirts. Sadly due to the economy, the blue whale is now endangered, which is why we must hunt and kill the remaining few, as their sexual frustration often cause tsunamis on Pacific coastlines. Their massive bodies will be useful to us. Already a recovered cornea from an ancient passed giant, formed the millennium dome in London. When you look upon it during East Enders, think of all that that creature has seen throughout its years in the sea.


This busy town has infected me
I wish to return to the trees
to wash it from my soul


The only hoots from the owls
The only honks from the geese
Returning to the countryside
Returning to the peace.





Upon entering, we choose to take or leave the glowing ropes, those who take, choose to be a target in this game, an adrenaline rush. Those who leave the rope be, just wander unengaged. The yes and no’s are split fifty fifty, in the dozen or so as we enter. I choose to leave the rope. Absolute darkness is the first thing to greet us, six glowing ropes hover in expectation, one rope jiggles as its wearer is jostled by unknown assailant in the dark, there is a stifled gasp as the wearer hangs on to bravery. Silence greets us next. Anticipation builds, till a flash of light zips over our heads, drawing a scream from startled throats. A dim light comes subtly, in skeletal shapes bearing pained skulls, that moan their existence to passers by. Scooby Doo jumps from a hidden place, to bark “roobie roobie roo”… at us, a distraction, as another glowing rope is jostled in the corner of my eye. I hear a voice say “Hey! Where the fuck is my wallet?!”. The rope turns to take on some unknown dark figure, they fade. We never see either again. Shuffling onwards a dark door beckons us in, five glowing ropes hover uncertainly towards it. We observers follow, intrigued as to how the volunteers fare. A man bearing a pumpkin head launches himself into our small crowd, he extracts a scream and single soul. Leaving remaining hearts to pound alone. In time and anti climax we watch white sheets waft across our path, in tandem with half hearted “Woos”. A giggle emerges from the group, for this limp refrain, only to be met with ferocious reply. The guttural growl sounds all too real, preempting the emerging beast, it wields a shining axe and bares it’s glinting teeth, the axe falls, a glow rope drops and the victim is silently dragged away. The three remaining ropes are discarded.. One too late, just as she reached to escape from target, the gang of zombies appeared, no moaning, no shuffling, as lightning they seized her, we really did try to keep her to us, but they were too swift, we remained impotent in darkness, unable to tell which direction her turgid screams came from, till suddenly they stopped. We stood in shock, in darkness, till a click. A door opens, allowing light to pour through, flooding our mole eyes in painful midday sun. Glancing across, I spy the entrance, and the line, more glowing ropes are accepted.


I am sat at a rectangular wooden table with five empty seats around it. In a small waiting room, waiting. The windowless walls offer no inspiration for thought, so I must dive into imagination, In the absence of a timepiece, time is strung on my ability to hold off boredom. memories bob in and out of my mind, then things that must be done in the future, things to create, to create a something to look forward to.
The click of the door handle jolts my heart, such minor excitement in a room without interest. A man of average height, average build and average face walks in. He is indescribably average. We give mutual silent greetings in nod, he drags out the furthest seat with a screech across the floor, slouches down and looks toward an imagined horizon through the wall. I take in his face for one moment more than comfortable for his eyes, I self-consciously find interest elsewhere. Glancing back to him I see he is loosening his tie and unbuttoning the top button of his shirt. A literal freeing of binding in an abstract entrapment.
The second click is soft and creeps the door open with less ego. She wears a business suit with pencil skirt, pinning in a body that enjoys itself. Scanning the room, she gives us a glimpse of a smile and softly says “Hello”. I crackle a “Hi” in reply from my dry throat. Another nod from Mr Business. She takes the seat opposite me and holds my eyes to hers in soft confidence, just moments, but I quit first and look away, I feel self conscious heat in my cheeks and busy myself with my fingernails.
The next click of the door is barely perceptible as a man creeps in as a ghost, his face is present, but his eyes are not here at all. He sits along from me, not looking to a soul, intent on taking as little space up in the world as possible, uncertain breaths quietly shiver from him. He fixes the table with a stare that looks beyond to the infinity below. He feels if he does not use time, it will not involve him. Silence remains with us, and is thickening with each moment, it chokes back any words one could produce.