First I did not spy her, she came from higher than I can see
A rare glimpse of her magnificence, giving hope to gravity
Spreads feathered fingers to the wind, she turns away from me
Spiralling up she climbs, to infinity.


We never know when we are going to find we are not alone in the universe, or what the circumstances might be.
Then the following tuesday we received an Email, we have won the universal galactic postcode lottery.
Our prize, a planetary death ray, what a disappointment the universe is.


The many ways of growing up. Some feel they must jettison all of their childish ways, play is cast aside, in favour of dourness, all irresponsibility a sin. Angrily they clench their maturity. When they could be skating and singing, letting their child like anger fall behind.


Chaos’s bad humour slung our friends far and wide
We found a way to forage where they reside
What wonder in a twinkling stream
Manifesting from our dreams.


Cackling caws from charcoal birds
Trees spine leaves and world
Such beauty it’s absurd.


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