One day, we’ll choose to not retaliate. As if we grew up.


a talent to make you resent learning,
In the time when you wished to learn.


Every star I encounter, someone tried to squeeze them into a jar
To keep them in their closet. To quash their glorious corona
Let her shine, be grateful you are in her orbit.


You hoard and keep all to yourself, not one thing you wish to share
You lack all dignity, you have no means to care
When you fall, as you surely will, you’ll need the world’s helping hand
It will be given to you, as this is our lesson’s plan.


Silverfish swimming in my retina
I may have pushed too hard
Streaking with my dizziness
Porcelain forever scarred.


Sat in the coffee house. The nerds, the jocks and the hipsters, sitting comfortably. All the discomfort of school days differences a distant memory. Well nearly. Shrunk to a shrug and a tut.


I do not know how it got on the mat
It was not me that did all that
I am just your innocent cat.


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