Choose care

The illusion of free will is the keystone to the trick.

All the engines have stopped and all the tweeting beaks have gone to their nest. The neighbours have put down their hammers and the apes are all howled out. I put my head to the pillow to pretend that there is silence. The once mute swan feathers creak with every tiny twitch of my skull. What sounds like a rhythmical tin tray band, plays with every pulse in my ear way. My heart beats my ribs against the mattress, reverberating through it’s springs. My guts churn and creak like much haunted plumbing. I wonder how I ever sleep over my own cacophony.

Reviewing my feelings. A dip in mood, not really, emotional? Perhaps. Explaining would make me cry out there walking. I see your care, it hits me every time, as I see the man in need, the other side, the side where there is nothing given, but the kindness of beautiful people like you. Such sadness meets such kindness.

Nature and nurture battle it out. How much does what we experience change us? How much is in-built, our birth code reacting to what we have to deal with. When I saw injustice, all my life I have been appalled, yet stayed clear in fear. I was painfully shy, the unknown and the scary, never enough inquisitiveness to overcome my cowardly soul. I am told I am different now, yet I feel it is just experience gauged against my rules. Edging into virtual friendship has given me experience. The fact that there are wonderful people in the world, ‘them’ are a figment of a paranoid and fearful mind. I am part of us. Though don’t bother inviting me to a party.

Pessimism laughs at optimism’s happily ever after.

The jock basks in the violence of the sound
Ignorant to the content of the lyrics
dancing to the wishes of his demise.


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