Black armband

Even playing a man with a licence to kill, you carried enormous heart and wit, and the tiniest of guns, which you flinched to fire in fanciful yarns. Your warmth shone out, throughout your life and your work. The world will miss your love.
Rest well Roger Moore.


Time’s ribbon sheds another life
continues it’s mission forward
the life stained the ribbon
beautifully forever.


Between homes
Vulnerable as a hermit crab between homes
Naked trotting with a bag under my arm
How many miles to my new shell?


I was not high enough to see the pouting buds
not prepared for the new opening flowers
arrived in time for the perfume
before the petals fall.


A malevolent force is present in the forest, the prince travels with five guards. Soon they discover a stranger, he joins them. The stranger alerts the prince to a distant noise through the forest, one guard goes to investigate. Diamond glitter falls through the forests canopy. The stranger alerts the prince that he sees something move on a distant ridge, another guard goes to investigate. The breeze breathes gently through the branches, the stranger tells of distant danger, this time two guards leave to attend to the suspicion. The prince and one guard remain with the stranger, cordially they continue. One more noise is heard by the stranger, the guard tips his hat to the stranger and goes to see. Now alone. The prince buries his dagger in the stranger’s neck.


Good intentions met ineptitude. Good intentions hits the floor.
Good intentions learns to gives a kick. Ineptitude is no more.


One thought on “Black armband

  1. Ooh Stephen, the words just get better and better….loved the eulogy to Roger Moore…❤

    And the tale of the Prince….intrigue, ….and such a denouement 😮

    Thank you 🙂


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