There is much isolation to introverted singledom. One that can stay for a long while, it requires much will to overcome. If overcoming it is sought at all, for some seek only isolation. I feel I need some company, it is so easy to lose touch with all, to become a hermit, avoiding the hassle of people, but missing the interesting and the love.
Walking in a crowded street, the introvert can feel more isolated than if sitting alone in their room. When I venture into the throng, nervous energy drains me with every group of souls who come near. Within an hour I am looking for escape, to find a deserted street or get back to the solitude of my car or home.
When I return to my car, I get the feeling of increased confidence, a literal and figurative shell of protection. I enjoy the confidence this tin shell provides. Before I have to shed the armour and face the world naked again.
Lately there is loneliness everywhere, little joy in the outdoors, little comfort in being home alone. As uncomfortable as I am with crowds, I need another soul to be with, to help me breath in the massing shoal of men. The bubble surrounding me is so fragile, I can almost feel it cracking as the hustle and bustle brushes against it. Yet with another I know and love, the bubble is strengthened ten fold, I can survive longer in the crowd.


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