Panic Attack

A dull ache in my left arm, from shoulder to wrist. A trapped or aggravated nerve I think. Now my hand and neck start to ache too, into my chest and to my head. How far will it spread? My Father had tightness across his shoulders, and cold sweats, he had a stent fitted. I worry that I am having a heart attack too, I manifest the second symptoms, my heart begins to race, I sweat. A panic attack. I take an aspirin and calm, attempt to convince my heart to slow. In the morning the aching has abated, yet I still wonder.


We are winning every day,
Death only wins once.
Though he wins last..
We return and play again.


The bird scowled at the world. It did not bother to flap it’s wings. It was fed so fully, that it’s legs could not even help it stand. It sat in it’s fine feathered nest, “Feed me!” it squawked all day and night. The more it was fed, the louder it squawked. One day a thought occurred. No food came to the bird. Peace came. First a terrible smell, then peace.


Walking the street just a few miles from my home at around noon. It begins raining gently in the sunlight. That odd beautiful rain from nowhere. The ground is barely noticing as each drop turns back to vapour almost instantaneously.
I recall a few years back before the world managed to find common ground. Back then every difference aroused suspicion and fear bred anger and violence against our fellow man, what foolishness. Now each creed, colour and religion is open and welcoming to the other. The newspapers are full of stories of collaboration between nations to build a greater world.
Walking past the Johnson’s place, a reminder. As it starts to rain a little harder, water washes down the face of the alien creature’s head as it stares resolutely from a spike in the front yard. In years, perhaps we will make peace with these folks too.


I watch the skateboarder,
their elegant form gliding.
I stand on the board,
I declare it witchcraft.


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