Discarded sandwich

The crow sat a top a telegraph pole
sedately just like Eckhart Tolle
he was admiring a sticky bun
just a little frivolous fun.

Sometimes I get the feeling that politicians don’t see the needs of the many.
Just the opportunity to manipulate their surrounding to their advantage.
Just subtle hints here and there..

Why feed the starving when you can fly to Mars,
Collect some more dust, pretend at progress
Give yourself a huge round of applause,
Plant a silly flag, knock yourself out.

I’m surprised I didn’t break my neck
As I looked back at the twisted wreck
I rolled the thing five or six times
That is my one and only crime.

Another atrocity seen
shove it down and away
deep into our psyche
another knot in our soul
what else to do
in our impotence.

But settle down, meditate in the happy place
all that mess is elsewhere, let your smile permeate.


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