Corvid return

Cawing the break of winter
the Crow moon shines for spring
buds bask in twinkling splinters
more than summer can bring.

Leave all to grow and bloom
dandelions kept for the spring bee
nests to hide in bushes full
let all go wild from flower to tree.

Faith is just imagined good result
not a stale belief in the invisible
the bulb believes in the dirt
no wishing for the risible.

One day I admire the wonderful shapes in a building’s architecture
Swoon at the sweeping lines on a beautiful sports car

Another day, it is all superfluous
An utter waste of our time.

A subtle grey tint to the sky, just enough to induce despair.
Still, it may not rain, I may not be soaked through.
But it’s too late, I already imagined it. 🙂

Moon dancing in orbit
flirting with the Sun
Earth chaperones
an eclipse kiss.

Fallen into your bucket
to be carried till I’m spilt.


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