The Monster fell. The blubbery carcass bounced once then settled to permanence. No one approached it, no one wiped the spittle from it’s mouth, no one even closed it’s lifeless eyes. They just left it where it fled, far into the wilds. It was far enough away to not smell the decay.
In time the flesh softened and slid from the bone, feeding all manor of wild creature, the indescribable mushy remains soaked into the soil. It’s bones turned powdery and scattering to the wind. To feed one day a sprouting tree. At last a use for it.


Jack and Julie are just married. They approach their new home together. Jack ever the romantic wishes to carry Julie across the threshold. Jack is a very slight man of wire limb. Julie is not so slight, yet Jack is determined. He raises her into his arms and immediately wishes he lifted her slightly nearer the door. She whispers sweet nothings in his ear, but Jack cannot respond, he is concentrating on only one thing. Do not buckle.
Several feet to go and his focused effort even prevents breath, each foot step a study in concentration as his face darkens, then purples. Upon reaching the doorstep he has little more to give, his treacherous toe catches the step and the couple tip forward, in one last effort Jack launches Julie towards the door opening, alas, knocking her unconscious against the frame. Jack takes a big gasp of air into his lungs as he crumbles across his prone bride. At this moment his stomach’s contents wish for liberty. The reception’s hors d’oeuvres lay across his unconscious bride’s wedding dress. ‘What a horrible thing’ he thinks. ‘At least Julie will not remember it’.


Inside I keep a garden, tended carefully and hidden
one name mentioned the historic path revealed
unsettling the architect of my new garden
I feel I must turn over the earth.


A crow can go with the flow
but a duck


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