She smells of sulphur and looks wild as the mountains
there is nothing to worry her in this or any other realm
I feel the shelter of her and love her as I love breath.

Just six months have passed
revelations came thick and fast
Though at first I was not quite sure
Now I wonder what is next in store
I have become far more than fond
We’ll live this life and then beyond.

Soon our couch will have a different view
new walls, new floor and new ceiling too
though really the couch’s view is sparse
as it can’t really see past our arse.

This morning

I awoke with a slight headache nagging my temple into a frown, just a little nausea in my stomach, but nothing in particular awry. I took some aspirin, drank some water and went back to bed.
As I lay there my head began to swim, I felt hot and my limbs felt heavy yet disconnected. My eyes lost touch with my vision, or my vision floated a little away from me. Closing my eyes my receptors seemed to be dancing a samba. All sounds seem louder. The clock not only ticks but rattles and echoes, the tap’s drip bangs into the sink, while the rain smashes against the window pane. Reality is still there, no pink elephants are dancing, yet I am half a step away. Now as I write, my mild delirium abates


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