They were so open. All of the good and evil was felt. Of now and past. There is only going to be more of it as history rolls out. They tried to find a purely good place to be, to rest from it all. Naively they went to the long standing maternity hospital, the place of birth, of new happiness. But they found the most horrible despair too. The despair only a lost child can cause.
To the long standing park they went. Where running and laughing is heard. But alas in the war, it was torn asunder. At last they think they have it. The oldest ice-cream stand in the world, the spot where millions of happy faces received their favourite treat. Alas in times past, a child lost all three scoops to the pavement. Oh what a struggle to be so sensitive.


A smile rarely reciprocated.
That shares no context with present time
I feel embarrassed for a while for their lonely glee
I then remember a smile is the happy soul’s face
No matter where that soul is placed.


The high cogs increase
the low cogs whirr ever faster
and when they break the machine?

Before the cogs are stripped,
we need a new machine.

Animal attraction

Walking the street I spy on the opposite path a couple. The young lady is fine looking. Her eyes bright, her interest in her surroundings, she is vibrant. She ambles behind a young man who is yet to grasp how to wear clothes, his jeans hang down, he has to hitch them up so he can still barely penguin along. His dead eyes gaze at his phone, not one word to her. He gets into a battered car with various tupperware glued to it and what sounds like a broken exhaust. She gets in too. I cannot fathom why.


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