I am friend to feuding cats and to the birds
and my friendship to both is undeterred
they both still find it quite absurd.

The mole learn’t to fly, his mind of darkness and earth exploded in new found air and colour. A new crease appeared on his snout, as a smile emerged.
Now imagine the dove doing the reverse. What sickness is this? he thought.

Those with the most toys, long for more while crying,
while those with no toys, look joyfully at the birds flying.

Watching nature’s dance
I forgot all I did not have.

The Ape appeared, it popped up in the frame
all the mice they cowered, casting forth the blame
who sent it, who’s fault is this monster up ahead?
how do we survive this damned bringer of all dread?
This brute it stood mighty, it blustered and it frowned
but it tripped on it’s own ego,
tumbled to the river and it drowned.


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