Ants and Bees

The Bees are in trouble, both mites and minute beetles bring destruction and disease to the hive. But how to help?
Firstly I asked for audience with the Ant Queen. She was in no mood to host guests, the colony had only recently been attacked by hostile snout. Yet I was granted an ear, to return a favour.
“It would be mutually beneficial for both parties to share the hive” I said, “Your people would have all the mites and beetles you can eat”. She cast a sly gaze and replied “Why the mites and the beetles, when so many plump bees are present?”.
The two colonies have always had uncomfortable relations, yet I wish a solution.
“Sure, yes you could fight in your many numbers to invade the hive, but the bees have something to give you too”
So I reached an answer and the Ant Queen agrees, no harm to come to the bees.

Next I visited the Queen of the bees.
The hive had heard of my visit to the Ants, they buzzed suspiciously as I passed the combs, down to see the Queen, to her troubled throne. “Good afternoon your majesty, I have a proposal to ease your troubles..”. She interjected “I have heard that you have attended the ants, why would you befriend such beasts?”.
Why is shaking a fist and whipping up war, always so much easier than creating peace? I thought to myself.
I explained “It is true I have visited the Ant Queen, I asked for her help, as I ask for yours”. Once more she interjected, “Last time they came, they took many to be eaten, they have no love of us Bees”. I bow low and assured her, I have received The Ant Queen”s word that no malice shall intrude into this arrangement, I know that in a short while, there will be new friendships bound by mutual help.

So now the ants share the hive. Eating the pests of the Bee, while the ants gain stinging protection from all intruding noses. Mutual interest, gaining mutual respect.


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