Woolacombe, a beach I have not experienced before, a mind bender of a beach.
We approach, the sand spread out before us, we see the destination too. The destination of our walk. It looks at first glance to be a ten minute walk along the bay, but ten minutes into the walk, this view has changed, as the destination is as small as ever. Pin pricks in the distance, of people walking dogs, they seem near yet so tiny. The complete lack of scale, but for those pin pricks of folks miles along the beach. To see so far, with no scale, no landmark, not turns, no corners. A sea of sand to walk by the foam frilled edge of the cold sea surf. A sandy meditation.


A dream I had

A small creature stood on the window sill behind the curtains, not more that four inches tall, he watched the goings on beyond the pane. On his head a cotton tuft, on his long nose were candy red and white stripes. In a chatty tone that we use for all introductions to small creatures, I said “Hello little one”. To my surprise he replied “Hello, good morning, how are you?”.


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