And I imagine he would take exception, for that is not his trade
he is not one to turn down a coin, though exclusions must be made
not to ask for what can’t be delivered, better off to ask elsewhere
just because you know and trust him, it does not mean he cares.


If there is something that needs doing, better to get off your arse
nothing to be doing when just staring down your empty glass
procrastination starts when your thoughts go from now to soon
time is not for pausing, we are not living in a warner bros cartoon.


laying and imagining walking on the ceiling, crunching over the artex
stepping over the wall and through the door, looking up at the carpet
and all the trinkets gripping on to that other gravity. Under foot is clear but for a lamp, so much nicer to have clear space, though thoughts of pottery joining my gravity, keeps my mind occupied.


Walking to a distant spire
a step taken is short yet
it seems such little time
till we are in the church’s shadow.


The panic of change
and the boredom of the same
try to dance the alley in-between
keep the mind from blowing to extreme.


The moon is not watching you
It is merely a point of reflection
to connect with all you hold dear.


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