little change

I drew a line, a sensuous perfect line, now I am scared to draw another to join it, It would ruin the line, but without others it tells no story, it is nothing, yet it is beautiful and could be anything. I repeat the line to see where it may lead, but this new line is absent of life. will I ever draw a line like that again?

He came and sold his kitchen knives from door to door
saying ‘There are no other knives you needed more’
‘These knives’ he said ‘Will change your life’
‘another knife would just cause you strife’
my knives though I felt worked for me
yet this was not good enough for he
in the end he let slip his conduct
all just to sell his product.

Shouting opinion as if there was one way
if there was a single way to live today
like there were no other ways to do it
it’s obviously all a load of pulpit.

As the generations pass,
we become more estranged from the world,
we see the differences from us to it.
Yet we as individuals can change faster than a people.

Sure you could wallow in what was
and what will be,
but now is fine and dandy.


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