Magpies are back in the garden
One for happiness, two for joy, three for glee..
We take for granted how beautiful they are
Just because they are near and plentiful
If their iridescent feathers were far away
We would travel to admire them
Flashes of black, white and blue
Of diamond tail as they alight
I feel blessed that they are here.


Is flight joy or necessity?
The falconer at the zoo informed us
That their birds only fly to hunt,
If they did not need to fly, they wouldn’t.
So the bait is twirled to exercise the bird.
But what of the flying prey?
They need to confuse the predator in large flocks.
To send many eyes to the sky, in search of a meal.
But sometimes, I see pure joy in a pigeons flight,
Soaring and tumbling around just for the hell of it.


To swap my arms for wings.
No writing, no waving, no weaving.
No climbing, no throwing, no hugging.
No piano, no caressing.
But just to fly….
It would be a tough choice to make.


The geese fly gracefully high overhead in a V formation,
how much more elegant they would seem,
if it wasn’t for all the honking.


A hummingbird flaps its wings fifty times a second
At least that is what the top scientists reckoned
I lost count a twenty two until he no longer lingered
Good job he did as I had cramp in all my fingers.


I spy a little white egret elegantly fishing in an English river,
Lending a touch of asian splendour on an otherwise drab day.


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