Hanging on with all her might
‘Just a little more, just a little more
to see new will give me strength’.
Winter’s cruelty waits.


Life is a beautiful ribbon
wafting across your fingers
do not try to grip one piece
for it would burn and blister


Life as a golf swing.
The history the back swing,
the follow through the preparation.
Without either, you won’t be hitting now very hard.


How confusing for her to feel the itch of creation on her back.
The churning ache of digging the good from every crack.
Is her patience never ending for her overdue payback?
We may not have time to attain the wisdom that we lack.


In this time when the silky veil is at its thinnest
We see the been and the went and wave to them
Thank you, we wouldn’t be here without you.


Have some vigor, keep the crow from your shoulder
Wear a smile, step with a spring though you’re older
Each day we have, is one blessing more
Even the pain, proof of life at our core.


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