Autumnal walk

The Autumn weather is tickling the senses,
chill wind blowing the hedgerows and fences,
the sun keeps low profile shining in pastel hues,
every subtle colour from red through to blue,
wrap up warm appreciate the autumnal light,
As fall’s daytime fades into winter’s night.


Autumn is kissing the maple and making her blush
Though winter seems not in much of a rush
The branch will shiver, the leaves will be lost
Summer’s final fling banished by frost.


Winter as cold as it sounds, this whistling word as chill as winter’s winds.
Spring comes and bounds out of the ground, the new sun giving new life to the earth.
Summer and simmer so close and entwined, as the extended heat bakes all that it finds.
Fall takes all that summer gave and puts it back to the ground, to soak and to store for when spring comes to use it once more.


Autumn is feeling warmer than spring, for the earth has saved summer’s heat to take the edge off for us, I can feel it under my toes, the residual warmth remains,
Spring though bright as a torch, had to work from the snow and ice hangover of winter, even in the sun, the feet feel the stored up chill of the long cold nights of winter. The seasons are never starting from a clean sheet.


The pavement is slick beneath my feet, a multitude of soaking leaves feign banana skins, as fall tries to live up to its name. Some leaves still stubbornly hang on to the tree, but no longer have the proud copper hue of when they shone in the late summer sun. They hang, dark, limp and ridiculous like discarded broken umbrellas. The wind bites at my neck, so I raise my collar, shove my hands back deep into my pockets and I try to imagine warmth.


The multicoloured fall is inspiring us all,
for even in a leaf’s last days,
They can be their most beautiful of days.



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