Ever since I was told that lying on my back brings nightmares
I have avoided sleeping that way
cricking my neck facing down
stacking pillows on my side
all ways to avoid lying on my back
to avoid the nightmares drifting in.
Maturity brings rational thought
I take my chances
drifting to sleep glaring at the ceiling
as dreams approach
true to form
the menace shows its face
I roll over to my side and delve for peace.



How ambitious I am lying in bed
All things can be done easily
Many things even before tea
Anything is possible when prone
Nothing is beyond my reach
Dynamically my mind arranges
Easily hurdling obstacles
Gone is tired
Gone is lethargy
So why can’t I be bothered to move.


I am concentrating on lightening my weight
can feel there is less pressure on the mattress
soon I will be floating up
I am worrying how I will get down.


The spider webs are thickening up with dust, I can see them clearly hanging there,
Lying here looking to the corners of the room, my do has escaped,
When I am up, the webs disappear from view again.


Such cruelty to make the bed most comfortable in the morning.



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