The pouring of the water, the smell of the leaves
The shapes in twisting vapour as the tea breathes
The heat against the fingers, the tinkling of the cup
The bitter taste on the tongue, the warmth wafting up.


Watch half a cup of tea get cold
sure it’s not like you’re getting old
watch your timer lose it’s sand
nothing done that you planned
but then if you enjoy to see
your tepid cold turning tea
there is no rush or haste
enjoying is never waste.


Let the tea get cold
There is better thing to do
Take a sip and sling the rest
Wear the sole on your shoe.


Meditating upon where wants and needs start
I want love and sex and I want every kind of art
My need is for food and water and clean air to breath
Sit and think what you really want and what you need
When want drifts to need, contentment departs
Clear the mind of needs to save a swollen heart.


Chimes sound time passed, air changes from warm to chill,
The trees show the calendar of every seasons will,
Skin hides in shrouds of warmth as orange comes in fall
Take the last of the fruit to shelter with us all.




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