Have been concentrating on splitting apart
Each fracture flying to repair broken heart
A foolish wish for a perfectly shining world
Reality are wishes washing away unfurled
Today’s love sent unwittingly building hope
Some day I’ll learn I have to cut some rope.


Twisted dark soul
in a polite jacket
hateful slivers
glint like teeth
through splitting


Tribal mentality, the strength in numbers
listening to the drums of warrior men.
The rush of the feeling of invincibility
pouring arrogance into the world again.


He lives in a huge mansion
Has more cars than Ford’s got
More than one yacht in his harbour
Walks right past the homeless man’s pot.


The cat looks down on me with condescending eyes
a mind so far above the thoughts of us mere humans
then his eyes widen his ears fall back
scrambles after his tail in madness.
OK, which of these was an act?




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