Few and far between

She sits in the nest and settles
this is the only nest there is
he returns and pecks her
a nice comfortable nest
but for the pecking
one peck more
then flight
to new


The metal posturing and placing, at the lights with two places, do you sit behind the other driver, or slap him with a gauntlet and pull alongside?

Me inside at the lights, my car is old, the other car pulls to the outside to clear this old car, the light changes and I leave them to pull back in behind me! Hoho.


Heaven and earth, the devil and thunder.
All these icons we always plunder
To pull our heart in every way
How our souls do rip and fray
Not to be weaved again
Only to be lost in vain
For the devil has no refrain
Under leaden skies and pain
Rather we tempt the angels down
Yesterday’s anger no longer found


When we find those inhabited orbs out there
when we have gathered enough thought to travel
We can reminisce of the old times
as we travel for weeks to new destination
as this world was explored
so will be the universe
in long perilous journeys.





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