Just sit in the warmth of love. This is not a hippie thought, not some exotic zen from far away. It is just the realisation that there are many people who care for you. They may not know you, not even have met you, but if you fall, they will come and help you up. We reside in a world of care.


The intention to pour and to receive
such simple straightforward formula
though the heaven and earth is moved
to achieve just one perfect connection.


Your experiences,
you take them in,
then you share them,
it’s like your soul is breathing experience


I gathered my thoughts
and I bundled them up
all neatly packaged away
no change of my mind
for what would I find
as they all look so neat this way
do not muddle my brain
my view will remain
as there is no room for new sir, good day!


I find it hard to imagine, what it must be like to live in a country shredded by war, every day to see suffering, every day to see death, every day the confusion and disgust at your brothers actions. These war ravaged children are not born of hate, they are born of love, thrown into a cauldron of terror. Witnessing of this every day closes hearts off, filling souls with fear and loathing. As what else can a heart do when they have witnessed generations of torment and grief? Who would not fear? Who would not hate?
In isolation the ignorant attempt to stop the bleeding fear, by opening more wounds, attempting to exorcise their fear with more death. The only cure is forgiveness, love and time.


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