Why is a raven like a writing-desk?

“Why is a raven like a writing-desk?” the Mad Hatter asked.
Hmmm.. Perhaps they are both objects to project our imagination. We project our fears upon our paper, as we project them upon the raven, raven nor writing desk have the faintest idea we are doing so.


I woke up tired, he got upset about that, so I got upset and sat him with tired to console each-other, If I get angry it wouldn’t help as he gets abusive then tired, but it’s always good to get happy as he always has good stories to tell.


The seagulls are drunk and singing again,
late at night and early morning.
At the top of their voice they sing out of tune,
perhaps in their drunken mind they are singing angelic tunes,
but they do grate on a sober tired mind.
Go back out to sea feathered sailers,
go out there and sober up.


So I was out walking around London naked, just to see what it was like. I read that it was quite freeing. It is a nice day, so why not? Surprisingly not many folks give me a second glance, there are a few giggles and surprised eyes, I am not well equipped for this to be some sort of display, this is entirely for me. The gentle breeze that would tickle my face, tickles me entirely. In not much time at all I forget of embarrassment and feel the benefit I read of, the great equaliser. I watch the boats and watch the buskers, my only worry is the hot pavement beneath my naked feet, but I find some shade and all is fine again. In the distance some pointing, some uniforms, I forgetfully look behind me. I think do I stay, go greet or flee. I decide I am no harm naked, I stay and wonder what is next.




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