Mr Sports star

Mr sports star gets to be among the best at what he does, to be among the great athletes of his age, he can do what the majority of people can only dream of doing. In physicality he is among the elite of humanity. Just this gift alone should be enough, to go play a games for enough money to comfortably live, that would be the most beautiful way to exist, though not only does he get enough to live on, he gets paid handsomely, in fact he gets huge amounts of money, he has a fleet of the most expensive cars to drive, lives in a palace built to his specifications, he eats at the finest restaurants, wears diamond, platinum and gold.
But then he thinks, no, this money is not enough, I wish to have more, I deserve more. He looks to the ones he plays his games with, he points as a child comparing puddings, in disgust he whines “He has more than me!”, so he refuses to play, he sits and he sulks, waiting for more money.
The talented gifted greedy fucker.


It is hard to explain the distress
and disappointment of not liking
my favourite band’s new album
the disgust and hollowness in heart
as they drift from our taste to some weird hell
such a betrayal of all the years of love
such a mutiny aboard my fine sailing ship.

Crow part two

Is the crow here to tell me something is wrong
or is he watching the ripples on the pond
is he peering through the veil of dimensions
or watching crumbs blow around my feet
does he see the glint of death’s scythe
or is he watching the twinkle of my ring
we read much into simple thought.


2D woman, you are pretty from afar
and you are dirty as a tramp in the fall
but you are not here to squeeze and to smell
so may as well be as distant as the stars.


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