We are all weaved to never unpick
your little fluttering flag not symbolic
just marks the land’s invisible lines
the differences in us left behind
no longer them no longer us
gather love and gather trust
every one of us in every land
keep mixing more and holding hands.


Now that you have crawled from under your rock
take a good look at the foreign folk you despise
examine your neighbour closely, look at their smile
see them love their family as you love yours
watch them dance show the joy in music
the love of food and drink, see the mirror.


Experts say that even if aliens came down to earth to stay,
soon it would be normal and everyday. Yet people rail against
people they have shared the earth with for thousands of years,
unable to share love with the alien, so full of fear.


Splinters of sun through breaking cloud
given chance to turn the day around
floods receding earth drying out
bail out your poor sodden house


The flowers are still growing.


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