Normal folks with normal output with normal friends,
have a river gently flowing, the river the output of the mind
giving to their friends throughout the day their thoughts.
My mind seems a torrent, this torrent is dammed
by introversion and few friends, backed up I am
I discover a friend and they open a tap,
it all gushes out and my friend gets it,
my mind gushing at their face at high velocity
I gush my views, gush my hopes, gush apologies too,
for soaking them with my gushing mind.
So if you are my friend, bring a towel.


Patience stretches once again
elastic it gains one more yard
and at the end of my tether I
shall pour it once more
to the page.


New in!
for men sick of being men!
In one Fast food meal,
jammed with chemical concoction,
no surgery required!
Eat drink and be Mary!


Ignorance and fear
Walked hand in hand
Going round in circles
Due to their misshaped glands


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