From the bubble I can see everyone else,
but I don’t understand any of them,
though they all seem to know exactly what they are doing.
They pair up and they walk in packs and gather paper,
they pass the paper back and forth,
they all look the same and act the same,
they watch each-other to be sure they are the same,
they seem frightened of being different.
I imagine what it would be like to live outside of the bubble,
pairing up looks attractive sometimes.
But I have studied this, I discovered that to pair,
you need to have a dwelling, to have a dwelling you need paper
and to have paper you need to burn your time in servitude.
OK fine, I can live without another, the bubble is comforting.


Does the falling tree make sound
when no one is there?
If slaughter isn’t seen
does anyone care?
the lens judges if victims
are worth our tears
open your heart love is not
just for the near.


When your good and bad is added at the gate,
make sure you have a good tie breaker question,
and remember your coin for the crossing.


The Moon a compass
for the sea and for she.


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