The devil comes down looking for the weak of mind,
sashays into town on the back of the gullible,
tears a hole in life,
leaves us confused as to what happened,
from where such madness sprung,
then he leaves,
back up to hell he goes,
leaving us to paranoia,
suspicion of our brothers and sisters,
his work done,
here to kick the wheel of hateful momentum

To hunt and to fish as
to lie and to cheat
the noble beast
is the only one
to fight fair

All that honour the servants
I have higher regard
than those who bow
to the privileged

If a picture can paint a thousand words
how does that scene sound and smell?
who said what and how did it feel?
words keep on giving
while the picture sits there dumb.

The natural pessimism of the ape escapes,
This day has gone down hill fast….
It’s all up hill from here…




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