Bad day
Walking through the park, the clouds are looking heavy, in fact they look like they may just fall to the ground if they do not drop the rain hanging in them, momentarily the sky turns black as tar, as the cloud’s curtain of rain comes into view. The rain falls in gaggles of wet daggers, turning all to river instantly. I spy an old shelter just a few yards a way, and splash my way to it, I just sit and watch the sky getting angrier at the ground.
Such a day, I am returning from the betting shop, I had not enough to pay the bills, so if I won I’d have enough, if I didn’t, I am no worse. It made perfect sense before. I don’t feel the same now though, now I lost.
Soaking in my last pair of socks, maybe going to my last night at home, I peer around me and see over my shoulder, a bird taking shelter in the eves, I expect foreboding crow, but see a duck, even the duck is taking shelter, waggling his tail and letting out a quack. This ridiculous sight lifts me just a little, and sometimes just a little can make all the difference.


One time I went shopping for a jacket, a leather jacket.
So I headed out to the mall on the north side of the Thames. I found a nice little shop selling leather goods of all sorts, and started to browse the jackets available, one of the sales staff approached and asked if he could help, ‘I’m just looking for a decent biker jacket, this one looks good’, ‘yeah that’s a nice one’ he said ‘try it on’, it fitted well and felt good on, he said ‘all the ladies will come to you in this’, I replied ‘that would be first!’.. He brightened and we chatted, and then it occurred I was being chatted up, too awkward was I to mention any misunderstanding, I ended up with his phone number. I remember him being a handsome black fella, and feeling flattered, if I was that way inclined I would.


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