Normal folks with normal output with normal friends,
have a river gently flowing, the river the output of the mind
giving to their friends throughout the day their thoughts.
My mind seems a torrent, this torrent is dammed
by introversion and few friends, backed up I am
I discover a friend and they open a tap,
it all gushes out and my friend gets it,
my mind gushing at their face at high velocity
I gush my views, gush my hopes, gush apologies too,
for soaking them with my gushing mind.
So if you are my friend, bring a towel.


Patience stretches once again
elastic it gains one more yard
and at the end of my tether I
shall pour it once more
to the page.


New in!
for men sick of being men!
In one Fast food meal,
jammed with chemical concoction,
no surgery required!
Eat drink and be Mary!


Ignorance and fear
Walked hand in hand
Going round in circles
Due to their misshaped glands




From the bubble I can see everyone else,
but I don’t understand any of them,
though they all seem to know exactly what they are doing.
They pair up and they walk in packs and gather paper,
they pass the paper back and forth,
they all look the same and act the same,
they watch each-other to be sure they are the same,
they seem frightened of being different.
I imagine what it would be like to live outside of the bubble,
pairing up looks attractive sometimes.
But I have studied this, I discovered that to pair,
you need to have a dwelling, to have a dwelling you need paper
and to have paper you need to burn your time in servitude.
OK fine, I can live without another, the bubble is comforting.


Does the falling tree make sound
when no one is there?
If slaughter isn’t seen
does anyone care?
the lens judges if victims
are worth our tears
open your heart love is not
just for the near.


When your good and bad is added at the gate,
make sure you have a good tie breaker question,
and remember your coin for the crossing.


The Moon a compass
for the sea and for she.


The devil comes down looking for the weak of mind,
sashays into town on the back of the gullible,
tears a hole in life,
leaves us confused as to what happened,
from where such madness sprung,
then he leaves,
back up to hell he goes,
leaving us to paranoia,
suspicion of our brothers and sisters,
his work done,
here to kick the wheel of hateful momentum

To hunt and to fish as
to lie and to cheat
the noble beast
is the only one
to fight fair

All that honour the servants
I have higher regard
than those who bow
to the privileged

If a picture can paint a thousand words
how does that scene sound and smell?
who said what and how did it feel?
words keep on giving
while the picture sits there dumb.

The natural pessimism of the ape escapes,
This day has gone down hill fast….
It’s all up hill from here…




If they told us the meaning, would it be easier or harder?
I guess that depends who you are, some would not accept
that this meaning was true anyway and create their own meaning,
others would happily sit on the rail of the meaning and let it carry them forwards.
what the meaning is could be infinite, yet the options we create are narrow,
Maybe they told us the meaning long ago and we laughed.


Gravity you impertinent vile beast,
look what you did to my knee!
you push and you push
have you no manners at all?!



Watch cars endlessly fart their way around the course until it’s dark and you’re too tired to care who the hell is in the lead, try to find a place to collapse and sleep away from the inebriated shouting wheel spinning crowd, crawl over the rocks into a tiny tent and be regaled by the music of the numb nuts with some sort of sleeping allergy ejecting all the booze they couldn’t withhold.
Get one wink of sleep until the sun climbs back over the world’s shoulder. They are still barrelling around the track, in metronomic tedium, into the afternoon, Jesus, crash here, crash here, something interesting, something to interrupt the relentless noise and motion.
Everywhere you look there is garbage piled high, beer cans, packaging and leftover food, the place looks like raccoon heaven, apart from nature being smashed to the side in this endless celebration of stupidity.


And finish this update with cats,
for cats leave our soul warm.

Rampant monkey disguised as cat
now how are we surprised at that
tear and break with conniving grin
they escape our favour
then sneak back in.


Bad day
Walking through the park, the clouds are looking heavy, in fact they look like they may just fall to the ground if they do not drop the rain hanging in them, momentarily the sky turns black as tar, as the cloud’s curtain of rain comes into view. The rain falls in gaggles of wet daggers, turning all to river instantly. I spy an old shelter just a few yards a way, and splash my way to it, I just sit and watch the sky getting angrier at the ground.
Such a day, I am returning from the betting shop, I had not enough to pay the bills, so if I won I’d have enough, if I didn’t, I am no worse. It made perfect sense before. I don’t feel the same now though, now I lost.
Soaking in my last pair of socks, maybe going to my last night at home, I peer around me and see over my shoulder, a bird taking shelter in the eves, I expect foreboding crow, but see a duck, even the duck is taking shelter, waggling his tail and letting out a quack. This ridiculous sight lifts me just a little, and sometimes just a little can make all the difference.


One time I went shopping for a jacket, a leather jacket.
So I headed out to the mall on the north side of the Thames. I found a nice little shop selling leather goods of all sorts, and started to browse the jackets available, one of the sales staff approached and asked if he could help, ‘I’m just looking for a decent biker jacket, this one looks good’, ‘yeah that’s a nice one’ he said ‘try it on’, it fitted well and felt good on, he said ‘all the ladies will come to you in this’, I replied ‘that would be first!’.. He brightened and we chatted, and then it occurred I was being chatted up, too awkward was I to mention any misunderstanding, I ended up with his phone number. I remember him being a handsome black fella, and feeling flattered, if I was that way inclined I would.