Sea shanties


We take the fishing boat out to sea, just boat, weather, me and he.
He has done this many times before, he stranger more to the shore,
Out we go no fear at all, we did not hear a thing of Squall.
Dipping lines and pulling fish, more idyllic time we could not wish,
Resting now our eyes close, were not to see where the dark skies rose
Only waking as the boat swings and shakes, to miss this storm we are too late
We can only hold on tight, the gods alone know of our plight
No rest from foam horses hoof, kicking the boats hull and roof
Start to dream of being home, then realise I am alone.


I admire the diamonds shimmering, on an infinite turquoise sea
enraptured enthralled entranced, the mermaids sing to me
I dive through the dancing jewels, let the angels carry me down
sinking to the darkness in bliss, what a perfect way to drown.


The sea’s surface rises above me for what I think the last time, the sea is so calm, yet have not energy to remain afloat. The rushing of water fills my ears, my final breath pushes to be released and my eyes track the sparkling surface rising away from me. I try desperately to regain the surface, oh what place is this for a man, desperate thought coincides with hearing a beautiful voice, singing purely above the sound of rushing wave. though the darkness to me approaches such beauty, her eyes brightest blue, her hair long and flowing red, her body iridescent, her tail shimmering black, powerfully swimming to me, a mermaid as real as you or I.
She gathers me in her arms and carries me up, Nearer the light towards the surface she looks ever more beautiful. Breaking the surface I gasp for this miracle breath, my head rests on her shoulder as my consciousness leaves in exhaustion.
waking to the most beautifully gentle reassuring song as I remain in her care.

No win

Wound up like a spring
she puts up with these comments every day,
on the frontline of callous cruel words,
today one too many to cope with,
the evil had no sooner left his lips
when she saw the post laying there,
so this hammer rang against his ear
the bell rang several times,
but now no more,
what release felt
leaving with adrenalin
consequences now arrive.


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