A few of my recent short poems:

Blackbird outside my window singing beautifully for me,
a finer song than anything you’d hear from shitty MTV.

Hunters moon hanging
lighting the way for the no good
watch you back and your loved ones
just blue moonlight where they stood.

It’s early in the morning,
the dew still has no fear of the sun,
she has yet to crawl far over the earth’s shoulder,
out among rolling fields I park the car in a lay-by,
crunching into the gravel, I switch off the engine,
across the fields tall trees stand naked
but for the dark clouds of large nests
scattered in the higher boughs,
the crows are waking I can hear their caws
echoing over the ploughed field,
hidden in bushes near, the sparrows chatter,
while the mist rolling across the field thins
as the sun makes her presence felt,
I watch the crows gather and cackle
as they head out for their day of play.
the sparrows take flight as I restart the engine,
recharged, I too start my day.


A moon shaped pool

It’s like paddling your boat,
into the middle of a lake,
the air is cool,
you dip your fingers,
the water is warm,
you see the water is clear,
so you let yourself tip,
tip into the warm clear water,
sink down eyes wide open,
the twinkling surface rises,
the iridescent fish dance,
as you sink to the bottom,
and stay in happy isolation

countless words have passed my eyes
tired now I need my beddie-bise


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