Sunday outing

Sunday outing

Sunday, heading out for the day, Jumping into the car and hitting the road. It’s a gorgeous day, the sky has not a cloud interrupting its deep blue endlessness, just breeze enough to cool the brow. It’s early so there is still a little dew on the grass, and it’s nice and quiet.

Half an hour into the drive and this changes as the traffic thickens up, folks looking for their memorable day in the sun. Me too, excited to get out in the open air and see the sights, enjoy some nice food, a cool drink, take in the day.
Arriving at the venue early, few people are about here, vendors just opening their places, morning coffee drunk while we wait for the cogs to gain some momentum. As more people arrive, more noise and more movement, and the first sign of that feeling, the feeling of discomfort amongst the crowd.
The distractions are enough for now, I take some photos and appreciate the sights, then join the queue for food, the feeling builds, and I begin to wonder how much longer distraction is enough to counter the building discomfort, what was once excitement changes to building panic, I look at my watch it shows it is only just approaching lunch time. But I have had enough of the crowds, enough of the raucous laughter, the dingbats revelling in the attention. Too much today, back to the car, to enjoy the comfort of solitude.



I’ll jump up, and decide not to come down, I will stay up there.
Watch the ground fall away from my feet, unafraid, up to the blue.
The earth will pass beneath me, this and the next one.


Spring brings hope. Flowers craning for a better view over the grass.
New life skips through a field and pulls at fresh shoots to eat.
Some new life is taken by the old, for their new life needs feeding too.
The wind no longer bites at our cheek, just gently takes the edge off an energetic sun.
No longer are we in a rush to get back to our burrow. Evenings sprawled out invitingly late. Darkness timidly waits but never gets to take hold.
Enjoy, before the flowers wilt, grass yellows and summer quashes growth.


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