Today, a theme, sleep.


Lying in my bed, blanket tucked up against my jaw, plump pillow cradling my head. I drift between worlds. Feeling slips away as my mind leaves this place. I fall, waking in a start I catch my breath, my heart’s leap unsettled my breathing. I have not fallen at all. Just a feeling.
My heart rate slows, my eyelids close and I once again embark on nocturnal journey.


Tucked into a ball of heat, too hot for comfort, turn the pillow and stretch my legs out to the cooler parts of the sheet, unconsciously sigh and smile at the simple bliss, before falling back to sleep.


I look for that perfect place to put my mind, to help it go to sleep. Imagining dreams I’ve had, how they were shot and how they felt, reminding myself what dreams feel like, falling and waking, up and down riding a gentle snoozy roller coaster.


Sharing my bed,
such radiant beauty,
such warmth of heart,
such cold feet!


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