To be continued

Some more escapees from my head.
Just twenty six letters to form words yet they seem to be infinite in their shapes.
Well some days. Other days they fall predictably plain.
Minds, can’t live with them..

If you enjoy the words pass it on, if you do not, then forget it.


A lust for life, a passion to gorge on all, every colour, flavour and smell, every book, all sex, music and every poison too, everything excites, greedily everything is tried.
But this poison tried, to just try, was greedy too.. It saw the willing host and went to fill, and the poison took more room, there was less space for colour, less room for music, every passion shoved aside, soon the poison was almost all. This dark grip only allowed false image in the mirror, keeping truth from it’s victim.
But one lucky day, a glimpse in the tiniest of shards showed true reflection, this was enough for revelation, poison’s grasp was strong, but the stark image shown was plenty to keep picking at poison’s claws, day by day, till it fell away.
The void still must be filled, choose well.


There was this friendly carrion crow,
Where I would go he would follow,
He had a slight limp and a crooked beak,
But I haven’t seen him for at least a week,
Perhaps he thought he was too foreboding,
Crows tend to gather fear and loathing,
I am missing my shadow on my walk,
But wait, I think I hear his squawk!

short untitled

Read books to take you to amazing places.
Play music to bring your friends.

I don’t mind you bringing short people once in a while,
but don’t make it a hobbit.


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