Short lines skip

If words are strung along just so,
They are both song and music.

Cuddles for comfort,
Cuddles for pain,
Cuddles under a brolly, out in the rain,
Cuddles show love,
Cuddles for loss,
Cuddles always,
Cuddles because.

I really don’t know what I meant to say,
It left my head in a jumbled way,
I will try to decipher it later on,
Who knows from where the odd seeps from.

I would rather be lonely on my own,
Than lonely surrounded by people.

While driving I watched ahead,
a brave leaf leaps into the air and into the road,
just missing the car ahead,
Energetically it rose again, over my roof.
In the mirror I saw it made it to the other side.
What a courageous leaf.

We are woven from many different yarns,
some full, some wiry, some dark,
some vibrantly coloured,
we are born of many wonders and impossible to name.




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